Based in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, Flying Frontiers is a small company passionate about flying and classic aircraft. We are quietly going about our business of introducing two carefully chosen ranges of aircraft to the Southern African market, each with it's special place in our hearts and minds.

Craig Lang, the owner of Flying Frontiers, has had a passion for flying for as long as he can remember, and has been involved in various forms of aviation for many years, holding both a Commercial Pilot's License and MPL for Weight-Shift Trikes. He has descended from a long line of pilots in the Lang family (Douglas and Lewis Lang, Craig's great uncles, were both pilots in World War 1, were the first to import a "kit" aircraft to South Africa in 1930, and Lewis Lang went on to play a pivotal role in pilot training in the SAAF during World War II. The Lewis Lang award is still presented to the Pilot of the Year at the annual Aeroclub awards). 

When Craig decided to pursue his aviation passion, he set out to find the perfect Light Sport Aircraft for Africa, and it didn't take long for him to chose the Savage range of aircraft, manufactured by Zlin Aviation, with it’s factory in the Czech Republic .  Tandem cockpit and exceptional STOL capabilities along with the large Tundra tyres make these aircraft an explorer's dream. We are proud and excited to represent this incredible range of STOL Bush Planes.

Flying Frontiers owns two Savages, a Bobber and Cub, and test flights can easily be arranged.  


Hawker Hurricane Replica out of the Flying Legend stable

Hawker Hurricane Replica out of the Flying Legend stable

The Tucano smile, Craig after flying the Tucano-R in Sicily in May 2015

Ever since childhood, Craig has wanted to fly a warbird, and with much excitement, Flying Frontiers landed the South African rights to the FLYING LEGEND range of warbird replicas. There are now 4 Tucano-Replicas in South Africa, and we hope to soon have the first of the Hurricanes off the production line as well.

These aircraft will open a new world to warbird enthusiasts who cannot afford the $3 or $4 million price tags the originals demand.

Tucano-R in flight

Tucano-R in flight

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