Camping out in the Desert is a life-changing experience

LAUNCHING IN 2017!!!!!

In a first for southern Africa, Flying Frontiers is launching the ultimate in Bush Flying Adventures. Offering exclusive flying packages to a maximum of 4 people in 4 bush planes, flying to remote and wild places across Southern Africa,providing an experience not available anywhere else.  

Making use of Savage Aircraft, the most modern and capable Bush Planes available, we take bush flying to the ultimate level of excitement, extreme flying and real wildlife experiences. With options of camping out under your wing, over-nighting in quaint country hotels or staying over in luxury lodges, we have safaris that suit every taste, budget and level of adventure. These trips are not only for pilots, but anyone looking for a different perspective on Africa, flying low and slow, window open to the scents of Africa, a photographer's dream..

Flying Frontiers is the only company offering true African Bushflying Safaris. 

Savage Shock Cub - our Safari aircraft of choice

A few companies offer "Bush Flying Safaris" using aircraft such as  C172's  or Piper Cherokees, which in our opinion are not real bush planes.

We use aircraft specifically designed for genuine off-field operations, with massive shock absorbers and oversized tyres to absorb the rough conditions of real backcountry flying. Our aircraft are all new, modern and very well equipped for our type of flying. 

Savage Bobber on the Wild Coast, South Africa

Flying low and slow over some of the most scenic areas of southern Africa, landing out on unprepared surfaces, beaches, remote fields and other exciting places, we offer the real deal as far as African Bushflying Safaris go. What could be better than flying along the Wild Coast at 50ft with your windows open, breathing in the salt air as you bypass pods of dolphins playing in the surf, or skimming the desert at sunrise, long shadows cast by the rising sun over the African landscape passing just below? The answer, is probably nothing...


Various Safari packages are on offer, from our Adventure Package, where the focus is on a "wilder" and more rustic experience, to our Luxury Package, where we stay every night in comfortable and often extraordinary bush camps and lodges.  

If you are not a pilot or not interested in flying the aircraft yourself, you will have one of our experienced Bush Pilots fly you on Safari. 

Alternately, Safaris can be done as an add-on to your Advanced Bush Flying course, where you master the art of handling our Savage aircraft in the most extreme situations. When we are comfortable with your flying, we set off on the Safari, with your Instructor/Safety Pilot in the back seat. This takes the Bush Flying training to a whole new level of skill and challenge. The option of having your Pilot License endorsed in South Africa, allows you to fly as PIC on the Safari, where you will log anywhere from 20 to 60 hours of genuine Bush Flying time. 

Short Video of one of our recent Safaris

Below are some photos of some of the destinations we visit on our Safaris, including Samara Game Reserve in South Africa, Hyena Pans and Meno-a-Kwena in Botswana to mention just a few of the magnificent places along our routes. 

Guided safaris for up to 4 guests in 4 separate aircraft are offered along various carefully chosen routes, with Safari options from 5 to 21 days, taking in sights such as the Wild Coast and Garden Route to Cape Town, and up-country safaris through the magnificent central plateau of South Africa to the spectacular Northern Cape. Our 14-21 Day "Out of Africa" Safari includes aspects of South Africa, but also the Okavango Delta in Botswana and the highlights of Namibia.

Elephants in Botswana's Okavango Delta

Elephants in Botswana's Okavango Delta

Safety is our absolute priority, and every possible precaution is taken to ensure your safety in all aspects of your Flying Safari. Please note that bad weather can affect our flying operations, and we have a strict no fly policy if we are not comfortable with the weather and other conditions. 

A normal flying day will involve around 2-3 hours of flying, with regular stops along the route to stretch your legs, have a picnic meal, or just behold the stunning places our aircraft can take you. On a rare occasion, we may fly up to 4 hours in a day due to winds or other circumstances, but this is not the norm. 

Contact us for more information, or for a detailed quote on our Flying Safari packages. 


Our Savage and cattle sharing a beach on South Africa's Wild Coast



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