Backcountry flying is what we do, practically on a daily basis, whether on a Bushflying Safari, or just locally while training or exploring.

Craig Lang, owner of Flying Frontiers, grew up in the African Bushveld, and has almost 20 years of safari and guiding experience in Africa. His extensive knowledge of the bush and his years of Backcountry flying around South Africa, make him an ideal instructor to pass on his knowledge of Bush Flying.

Through our registered ATO (RAA/008), we offer Tailwheel training, with the emphasis on flying modified Savage bushplanes, as well as Advanced Bushflying techniques. The training we provide is intended to improve your techniques and accuracy, and in general enhance the safety of your flying.

Based at the picturesque Eva’s Field airstrip in Hilton, KZN, we have access to numerous airstrips in the region, as well as many remote and normally inaccessible flying locations.

Our primary trainer, the Savage Bobber, in the bush

taildragger training

A basic Taildragger conversion normally involves 8 - 10 hours of dual flying instruction and briefings, flying out of Eva’s Field and Howick, ideal grass airstrips on which to get to grips with a Taildragger.

Once you are familiar with the Savage aircraft, and want to take your skills to the next level, we suggest you sign on for the Advanced course.

Savage Cub in the Desert

 Our Advanced Bush Flying course involves around 5 hours of briefings and 10 hours of practical flying. It includes the following aspects:

  • Extreme Short Field take-offs and landings

  • Scouting for fields - Off-field landing site selection and techniques

  • Off-field/Rough Field/Soft Field operations

  • Low flying and judgement of winds and updrafts/downdrafts

  • Precision Flying, Balked landings and Go Arounds in the bush

  • Landing and taking off over obstacles

  • Strong Crosswind techniques in a Taildragger

  • Mountain and Valley Flying

  • High Density Altitude Operations

  • Basic Field Maintenance

Low Level Valley Flying

Low Level Valley Flying

Contact us to arrange your Taildragger conversion, or to book a Bush Flying course and Safari. 



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