Tucano LSA showing fixed landing gear

The Tucano-LSA was developed after the Tucano-R, specifically for countries where LSA category aircraft are required to have fixed undercarriage, fixed pitch prop and cruise speeds of 120 kts and below. Due to the more simple systems in the LSA version, and gentler performance, this would make an ideal training aircraft, in which certain basic aerobatic maneuvers can also be taught. 

But don't be fooled by the wolf in sheep's clothing, the Tucano-LSA will still get up and go, and will comfortably cruise at  120 kts on it's 100hp Rotax 912S, and performs beautifully with light and balanced controls using counterweights to improve ease of handling. 

During May 2015 I had the opportunity to fly both versions of the Tucano replicas, and was hugely impressed with their ease of handling and balanced controls. The tandem seating under the bubble canopy provides fantastic visibility, particularly when hanging upside down in your harness! 

Craig in the front seat of the Tucano-LSA in Sicily in May 2015. 

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