flying legend hurricane

Flying Legend's Hurricane Replica in flight over Italy

We've all dreamed of flying an iconic World War II fighter such as the Spitfire or Hurricane, however the price tag for these rare warbirds are beyond almost every budget. 

Now, FLYING LEGEND provides the opportunity to experience the Hurricane in all it's glory, in a package that fit's the average pilot's budget and skill set. Weight and performance are in line with Light Sport Aircraft requirements, however this is still a complex aircraft, with retractable undercarriage, CS propeller and the agility of a true fighter. 

Original World War II Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane

Original World War II Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane

The Flying Legend Hurricane is a two seater with MTOW of 600kg's, and a cruise speed of 120kts. The aircraft is currently being re-engineered to higher standards, with the wings being beefed up to +6-3G capability, and the new prototype is expected to fly in 2017. Performance figures are expected to closely resemble that of the Tucano-R.

The Hurricane to date has flown with a Rotax 912S 100HP engine, however in future there are plans to use larger engines, including the supercharged Rotax 912 140hp used in the Tucano, or even other alternatives that will provide extra power to improve the fighter characteristics of this beautiful aircraft. 

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