The savage range includes the AGILIS, CUB, THE NEW SHOCK Cub, Classic, cruiser, Cub-S and of course, the unique Bobber. 

 Savage Bushflying Article - SA Flyer Mag - Click here

There is no better aircraft for real Bush flying than this range of STOL Aircraft. With their taildragger configuration, large tundra tyres, short field capabilites and incredible versatility, these sporty little aircraft offer fantastic value for money in a fun and hard working unit. 

Flying Frontiers has a Bobber available as our Demonstrator aircraft, which will be showcased around the country at fly-in events and airshows. 

Average waiting period for most models is 5-6 months from placement of order, and payment of the required deposit. 

Aircraft can be supplied Ready To Fly (RTF) with engine of your choice, instrumentation, paint schemes etc, or in an Advanced Quick Build Kit, which require between 250 and 300 hours for completion, depending on the skills of the builder.  

The Advanced Kits have the fuselage with primer applied on the metal structure, and covered with Dacron. Wings and tail are also covered. All construction and welding work is factory done. Controls are pre-assembled. Only basic assembly is required to complete the Kits.  

Standard Kits include Tundra Tyres, disk brakes, engine mount, cowling and spinner. 

No engine, instruments, propeller or electrical components are included. 

Kits can also be supplied painted to your preferred paint scheme.  

Full information on the history and specifics of the Savage range can be found on the comprehensive Zlin Aero website, More information on the individual models on offer as well as pricing can be found on the relevant pages on this website. 



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