savage bobber

Bobber ZU-IFV on the Wild Coast, 2015

SAVAGE BOBBER - our south african bobber has flown all over southern africa

If ever there was a fun aircraft designed for African conditions and weather, it has to be the Savage BOBBER. This unique aircraft with its uncovered fuselage is like nothing else on the market. Combining the stability and familiarity of a conventional aircraft with the open cockpit feel of a Microlight, this aircraft will provide it's owners with hundreds of hours of unsurpassed pleasure. Due to the tandem seating and open cockpit, the Bobber provides unsurpassed visibility, making it an ideal platform for anti-poaching patrols, game counts and aerial surveillance. 


The Bobber, as with most of the range of Savage aircraft, comes standard with a 80 HP Rotax 912UL with the option to upgrade to the 912 ULS 100Hp Rotax or the  turbo-charged 120HP Rotax 912UL



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