The Savage Cub was totally redesigned to provide a seriously rugged working machine which can be equipped with several professional options that offer pilots true bush-flying and off-field capabilities. Great care was taken in developing the Cub, based on the experiences of professional operators of the legendary Piper Super Cub in Alaska. 

No Runway Required for the Savage Cub

Savage Cub cockpit, with spacious tandem seating & dual controls

With a basic Savage Cub you can fly an aircraft that will give you the sensation of flying a classic aircraft.

With a couple of special options, your Savage Cub will be able to land almost everywhere, allowing you the freedom and the spirit of real back-country flying.

The Cub has a respectable cruise of 90-100 mph, but offers you the means to fly slower, landing in previously inaccessible areas, and interacting with the landscape that is normally only admired from up high...hence the Savage philosophy of "runways are optional"


If its Wilderness you’re after, your Savage will take you there!!


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