First Cub-S in Africa

The CUB-S was the result of two years of study and collaboration with some of the most experienced active Alaskan bush pilots, with the goal of bringing an LSA or Experimental aircraft, as close as possible to being the perfect utility airplane for high demanding operational conditions, while still satisfying different market requirements.

The idea was to develop an aircraft that would ideally offer the best performance with a tuned Lycoming IO-320, but which would also be a capable, but lighter aircraft, delivering good performance with a Rotax 912 ULS, but offering an overall more capable platform, to satisfy the most demanding customers needing to comply with certain weight restrictions in their countries. The CUB-S will accommodate a wide range of engines, starting from the Rotax family, and including the Italian MW (130 and 150hp), UL Power, Lycoming IO-233 and third party Lycoming preps like Titan Engines or Aero Sport Power engines.  

The company introduced a number of changes to the airframe, several of them coming from the feedback and experience of extreme bush flying activites, which are considered the benchmark to match the technical maturity and operational experience reached by Zlin Aero.

Combining these with the reliable and effective solutions already used in the other models of the Savage family, led to the result of a powerful mix of proven solutions, packed with an overall higher capability, payload, and performance, in partly due to the Cub-S's ability to handle larger and heavier engines.

The fuselage has been entirely recalculated and redesigned:

  • it is longer than any other Savage;
  • it offers larger control surfaces for improved stability;
  • it features a full-motion jack-screw trim system;
  • it offers the capacity for a super-sized luggage compartment;
  • it has been reinforced for installation of heavier and more powerful engines;
  • the ergonomics and controls have been entirely reviewed to allow a PA18 Super Cub pilot to feel totally at home.

The wings offer the same proven airfoil, but have been reinforced to handle the higher gross weight. They also offer VGs, long range fuel tanks, and increased flap surface.

While still being a fun, safe, robust and an easy aircraft to manage for your weekend flights, every CUB-S has purebred blood flowing in its veins, thus capable at any stage of landing on the highest mountain slope or glacier, to reach the most isolated snow covered village, or that beautiful secret fishing spot you have discovered,

Whichever way you look at the new Cub-S, you will conclude that adventure is offered as part of the standard equipment: and with adventure, we mean also real fun, which at the end of the day is the most important aspect you should get when investing in your free time.

The CUB-S delivers confidence in the air, feels extremely stable, and if equipped with the power it deserves, it offers new horizons to it's pilots, allowing take offs at gross weight in as little as 81ft/25mt or climb up to 8.100 ft /2.500 mt in just 5 minutes. Not forgetting a cruise speed of 112 mph (180 km/h) at 2.500 rpm with 31” Alaskan Bushwheels and 6” extended landing gear.



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